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    Magic Farm (GameHouse)


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    Magic Farm (GameHouse) Empty Magic Farm (GameHouse)

    Post  Admin on Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:53 pm

    Magic Farm (GameHouse) 35i0y1j

    Magic Farm (GameHouse)- 28.09 MB

    Grow and sell magical plants in this colorful adventure that's full of fast fun.
    Iris, studying at the Fairyland Floral Academy, receives and urgent letter from home. Her parents, on a search for the fabled Flower of Youth, have disappeared without a trace! Help Iris earn enough money to search for her beloved parents by growing and selling a wide variety of enchanted flowers and charmed bouquets. Then exchange your earnings with a diverse cast of characters who will help Iris on her quest. A captivating journey through a wonderful land of fairies, foes, and helpful little dragons, Magic Farm is blooming with family fun.
    Game details:
    * Unlimited Play
    * Wide Range of Colorful Plants to Grow and Sell
    * Helpful Friends and Pesky Pests
    * Captivating Storyline
    * Colorful Full-Screen Graphics


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