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    Airstrike 2 Gulf Thunder


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    Airstrike 2 Gulf Thunder Empty Airstrike 2 Gulf Thunder

    Post  Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:55 pm

    Airstrike 2 Gulf Thunder 2gy7tpj

    Rough, cruel and intense helicopter 3D action game that makes you fly and fight over desert, water and industrial areas. 100+ land, air and water enemy units will make your life worse then hell.

    Helicopter duels are both incredibly challenging and engaging, making your palms sweat and your heart pump the blood-adrenaline mixture all over the body to give you the energy to survive!

    There are five different landscape types, all with a terramorphing feature that tears up the ground in response to your deadly arsenal.
    Get your fair share of adrenaline with Air Strike 2!


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