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    Astro Assembler


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    Astro Assembler Empty Astro Assembler

    Post  Admin on Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:07 pm

    Astro Assembler 20ssqj8

    Astro Assembler | combat | 39,2 MB | EN | RS&UP | No Password

    Astro Assembler is a space-faring, top-down, vertically-scrolling, shoot-em-up. Pilot your spaceship against insurmountable swarms of enemy ships and asteroid-planted bases. The player's ship's offensive weapons attack on 2 planes: The rapid fire laser is effective against flying targets, while firing also launches missiles at a lower rate of fire that attack ground targets. There is a plethora of powerups to collect that grant such added capabilities as more speed, more powerful lasers and missiles, and higher rate of fire. Be careful, though, because some collectible items are actually powerdowns.
    The "Assembler" part of the title refers to sets of specific ship pieces that the player pursues in the game. These components assemble to create a more powerful ship with greater offensive and defensive capabilities.
    Alpha Mission clone where you can build ships from different parts. Enemies fly over the background and "drop in" to the playing field, which is a cool effect.

    Download:- Astro_Assembler.rar

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