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    Portable BomberMan


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    Portable BomberMan Empty Portable BomberMan

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    Portable BomberMan 212yar

    Portable BomberMan - 7.44 MB - No Password

    Anyone who is big into SNES games needs no formal introduction to Bomberman. For the uninitiated, HudsonSoft's Super Bomberman and kindred are to this day revered by legions of gamers, who fervently laud the series for offering the finest palm-sweating multiplayer action available. Now the doe-eyed detonator and his mine-crazy pals have their fuses lit for a different occasion. Interplay Productions has recently received license to release a new addition to the series, Atomic Bomberman for the PC. With the imminent release of Sega's Saturn Bomberman, will Atomic Bomberman have enough ingenuity to blow away an audience of PC users? Given the numerous new features added to the game, the answer is "most likely."


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